The African continent is blessed with a large number of youth population that can meet our labour shortages. We need to tap into this abundant human resource by providing our youth with quality education that is relevant to their goals and meets the requirements of the labour market.

His Excellency,

Muhammadu Buhari, GCON

President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Young people are at the heart of the Commonwealth Charter. Despite their many challenges, young people give so much towards every aspect of the social, economic, political, and cultural life of our 56 member countries.

The Commonwealth's future success rests with them. So here today we commit to investing in and promoting their development and engagement at community, regional, national, and pan Commonwealth levels throughout this year and beyond.

Rt Hon Patricia Scotland KC

Secretary-General of the Commonwealth

Youth revolution is changing Africa's development without the continent recognizing youth as significant actors, their trajectories in socioeconomic participation would likely be ignored, wasted, and at best, under-utilized.

There is an urgent need to fully assimilate young people’s unique aptitudes, strengths, and perspectives into the broader development paradigm.

It is evident in the fact that, wherever you look in the virtual world, you will behold an increasing number of our youth passionately engaging themselves in dialogues about the future of our continent. In Africa, we acknowledge that the youth constitute the driving force of society, the spirit of today, the trustees of tomorrow, and the hope of the future.

Young people are active drivers of change at the grassroots level of “our communities”

His Excellency,

Sunday Akin Dare

Honourable Minister Youth and Sports Development Federal Republic of Nigeria

Nigeria's population comprises millions of very vibrant young people. I want to pay tribute to Nigeria for its continued support of youth development. Nigeria's commitment to youth development is outstanding.

I look forward to the time that we will have this meeting in Nigeria. We hope that it would be a seminar moment for the student’s association and the youth in Nigeria and across the region would also benefit.

Mr. Layne Robinson

Head of Social Policy, Commonwealth Secretariat